Annie Anatole

CURA/JPRF Research Assistant, Tl'azt''en Nation



Location: JPRF Office, Fort St. James, BC


Hadih! My name is Annie Anatole, I am a 24 year old youth from Tl’azt’en Nation and from the Granton Clan (Caribou Clan). I have a 6-year-old son, Devaun James Anatole. I graduated from the Fort St. James Secondary School in 2002. Since I graduated from school I have been receiving training and taking some college courses in Tache. I’m on an on-going learning process through work related training, learning about my culture and language and through getting involved with community events. Most of my involvement has been with the summer programs, helping with coordinating and planning camping and recreation activities for the children and youth.

From Dec of 2002 to March of 2004 I worked as a PRA – Production Research Assistant. We were a group of 8 youth and a mini-elder. During our work experience we learned about our Language & Culture including traditional medicines and how to preserve and prepare the plants for traditional medicines. We gained new computer skills and learned about many new computer programs. A big part of our program was learning the processes of research and the importance of capturing the information, so we learnt how to video tape community events and transcribe and archive video and audio tapes and photographs for the knowledge it holds of our history and ancestors. Much of our work was done side by side with the Elders, and holding focus groups and going out to inform others such as the UNBC Health Conference for others to learn what we learned. We all related with each other and our working partners. This was a wonderful work experience for all of us and we are so grateful to all who took their time teaching us.

From there I participated in different training programs or courses. In 2004, I was one of the students in the ACED (Aboriginal Community Economic Development) brought into our community through NVIT. In 2006 I started an on-line program called Elluminate at the Eugene Joseph Elementary School, a course focused on the Internet and Computing Core Certificate. I received my certificate in March of 2007. Then from there I went on to another course that was offered to me, it was a 3 weeks course in Alert Bay located on Vancouver Island. It was the “A+ Comp Tia” course from the North Island College. There were 10 other students from all over BC that got accepted. It was offered from First Nation Education Steering Committee and First Nation Technology Council. We were learning the hardware, software, computer programming, all inside of the comp and how to fix problems. It was very interesting and I learned a lot from the course. I am still doing the course, but shortly going to be doing the exam. So wish me luck. Thanks to all who help and supported us.
During all my experiences I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge about my culture and some of my Dakelh language. I want to learn as much as I could so that I can pass it on to the future generations. Eventually I would love to go back to college and take up something, but that interest area I just don’t really know right now. At present, I’m just taking a look into the world to see what is available to me and to see what I can do. I would like to learn more about computers and computer programs. My interests are going for walks, hikes, and just enjoying the beauty of nature. Take care.