Beverly Leon

CURA Research Coordinator, Tl'azt'en Nation

CURA Stream Leader- Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Phone: 250.996.0028


Location: JPRF Office, Fort St. James, BC


Because of my upbringing and being immersed in my language and culture, I am forever indebted to my ancestors for the hard work and life they endured to ensure our Dakelh ways of knowing survived.

My fondest memories are of the ‘smoke house’ and cutting salmon on the shores of Stuart Lake. While helping with and learning those traditional subsistence activities, the importance of education was always stressed. With a strong sense of self, I went on to achieve my Grade 12 and did some years of college. While I hope to one day continue my pursuit of post secondary education, my biggest achievement has been with the jobs I’ve held that helped me to contribute back to my community in a positive way.

The CURA project and outcomes attest to the hard work that needs to continue. With the strength of our Past, we can build a foundation for the Present that will ensure our Future.

Netso whut'enne buba'ust'en (I am working for the people that walked before us).