Dr. Jane Young

Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management, UNBC

CURA Stream Leader - Tl'azt'en Ecological Knowledge

Phone: 250.960.5861

Email: youngj@unbc.ca

Location: UNBC Teaching Lab Building, Room 8-238, Prince George, BC


I am from Toronto and spent my life in southern Ontario up until about 10 years ago when I came to UNBC. My Ph.D. research at the University of Toronto revolved around looking at how plants adapt to changing environments. Specifically, I studied a buttercup plant that lived in both underwater and terrestrial habitats - quite an amazing feat! I also taught forest biology to Forestry students at U of T before coming out here to Prince George. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Ecosystems Science and Management Program at UNBC and teach various courses including introductory plant biology, aquatic plants, and ethnobotany (uses of plants by people). I have several research interests including medicinal and food uses of plants, fertilizer effects on plant fibre production, and aquatic botany. I am very excited about being involved with the CURA project, and will bring my training and knowledge of plant biology and ethnobotany to the team. When I have some spare time, I am also involved with volunteering for the SPCA, and go to elementary schools and daycares to teach young children about treating pets with kindness and respect.