Jennifer Pierre

Tl'azt'en Nation Post-Secondary Research Assistant, Improved Partnership Stream

Phone: 250.996.0028


Location: JPRF Office, Fort St. James, BC


I was born and raised in Fort St. James as a middle child of three girls. I lived in Tache until the age of four, then moved to Fort St. James where I graduated grade twelve. After graduating, I workd doing various jobs including waitress, cook, cashier, silviculture, pre-natal and research assistant. These jobs enabled me to gain experience such as social skills, tree planting, brushing and weeding, doula training, assisting births, nutrition planning, habitat research for bats, telemetry and bat statistics.

I started attending the College of New Caledonia in the year of '95 but returned to the community of Fort St. James after one semester to have my first and only child. I returned in the year of '99 and currently I am down to my last semester at the college to obtain my diploma in Hospitality Administration.

I hope to return once my last semester is completed as I would like to contribute my advancement to Tl'azt'en for my thanks in their support in my education. I have gained a lot in my short time of being employed on the Improved Partnership Stream of the CURA project. It has enlightened my views to working on reserve and assisting a partnership which can benefit the people of Tl'azt'en and UNBC. This is a project greatly needed in the preservation of lost culture, language and arts that should be applied in today's curricular activities.

If I return, I would like to receive more cultural education and knowledge to advance personally and professionally; this would able me to provide more opportunities for Tl'azt'en. I anticipate great rewards of being on board with this project and the knowledge I will gain in terms of what people want to see in future prospects. I hope to be one of those people to make that a reality.