Petter Fleischer Jacobsen



Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, I came to Canada in 2004. Having grown up with the Norwegian outdoors I chose to do my university studies in Canada, where I can continue the tradition of fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. I have always had a great interest in North and South America, so when I finished my compulsory service as a medical corporal in the Norwegian military at the age of 20, I packed my bags and travelled through the Amazon and northern parts of South America. That’s when I decided to study anthropology and indigenous studies. I attended TRU in Kamloops for 1 ½ years, but decided I wanted to live further north so, I chose Prince George to attend UNBC. In January 2007 I went back to Latin America to work for Fair-trade coffee farmers in Oaxaca and Chiapas in Mexico, as well as working as an International Peace Observer in areas of low-intensity warfare in Chiapas. In Peru, I worked for the Norwegian Rainforest Foundation conducting interviews with tribes affected by the construction of the South American Transcontinental Highway.
Fall 2007 I came back to PG and I am now finishing my Bachelor of Arts with a major in anthropology and minor in First Nation Studies.
This summer and fall, I am working with Renel Michel and Dr. Gail Fondahl, conducting an assessment of the Chuntoh Education Society’s ‘We Learn From Our Land’ program. A part of my work has included attending the outdoor science camps at the Cinnabar Resort. I am currently working in Fort St. James interviewing the elementary and high-school students who attended the outdoor/ science camps.
After I graduate in December 2008, I plan to work around 6 months before I start my Graduate studies in fall 2009, probably here in Canada.