Shaunna Pierre

Research Assistant, Improved Partnerships Stream


I was born in Fort St. James, BC and am the youngest of 7 children (5 sisters, 1 brother and 1 adopted brother). I live in Tache and am 18 years old. I will attend Fort St. James Secondary School, entering Grade 12 in the upcoming school year. After I complete grade 12, I plan to take up Culinary Arts or Visual Arts.

While attending Eugene Joseph Elementary School, I started to learn more about my Tl'azt'en culture and how to speak my language. In 1998, after I learned my language I became a member of the Drumming and Singing group. With the guidance of our Elders, I was encouraged to lead the group. They also taught me the importance of culture and staying in school.

During the summer, I have being gaining job experience in Tl'azt'en Nation and am currently working in the CURA Project as an assistant in the Improved Partnership Stream. I am starting to learn about how the CURA Project works and hopefully will learn skills that will help me reach my goal.

Part of my experience was participating in Survey Research Training. During those 3 days, I learned how to conduct surveys including critical thinking skills and how to build and conduct a successful survey program from start to finish. Dr. Erin Sherry taught us step by step in a surveying process, and perhaps more importantly what questions need to be asked, and answered at every stage.