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Research Team

Project Investigators

Research Coordinators

Dr. Pam Wright, Principle Investigator

Sue Grainger, Co-investigator


Dr. Gail Fondahl, Previous Principal Investigator

Beverly Leon (Tl'azt'en Nation)

Deanna Yim (UNBC)


Research Streams

Improved Partnerships

Stream Leaders: Sue Grainger

Research Partners: Chris Johnson, Beverly Leon, Erin Sherry, Amelia Stark

Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Stream Leaders: Bev Leon - Jane Young

Research Partners: Ross Hoffman

Students: Leona Shaw, Chris Gall

Science / Cultural Education

Stream Leaders: Wayne Bulmer- Christine Jackson


Stream Leaders: Amelia Stark - Pam Wright

Students: Shane Hartman


Previous Students / Research Assistants

Deanna Yim, (UNBC) Improved Partnership Stream 2006-2009

Diana Kutzner, (UNBC) Ecotourism Stream 2006-2009

Petter Fleischer Jacobesen, UNBC, 2008

Theresa Austin, (Tl'azt'en Nation) CURA Research Assistant, 2007

Sarah Quinn, (UNBC) Improved Partnerships Stream 2004-2007

Annie Anatole, (Tl'azt'en Nation) CURA/JPRF Research Assistant, 2007

Karen Heikkila, (UNBC) Traditional Ecological Knowledge Stream 2003-2007

Donna Atkinson, (UNBC) Improved Partnerships Stream 2004-2005

Margaret Duncan, (Tl'azt'en Nation) Improved Partnerships Stream, 2005

Stevie Anatole (UNBC), Improved Partnerships Stream, July-August 2005

Jennifer Pierre (UNBC), Improved Partnerships Stream, May-December 2004

Sophia Raby (UNBC), Education Stream, May-August 2004

Nathan Seymour (Tl'azt'en Nation), Education Stream, 2005

Katie Hanson (Tl'azt'en Nation), Education Stream, Summer 2005

Kate Reade (UNBC), Ecotourism Stream, Summer 2005

Renel Mitchell (Tl'azt'en Nation), TEK Stream, 2005

Angela Pierre (Tl'azt'en Nation), Education Stream, May-August 2004

Shaunna Pierre (Tl'azt'en Nation), Improved Partnerships Stream, August 2004

Stephanie Holmes (Tl'azt'en Nation), Improved Partnerships Stream, July 2004

Katey Sasges (UNBC), Improved Partnerships Stream, Winter/Spring 2004

Lana Wilhelm (UNBC), Traditional Ecological Knowledge Stream, Winter/Spring 2004


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