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Research Stream Leaders: Bev Leon and Dr. Jane Young

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The research stream, "Perpetuation of Tl'azt'en Ecological Knowledge" is researching methods of recording traditional knowledge. We are reviewing information, and providing recommendations for developing these methods further. This will allow Tl'azt'en Nation to record and perpetuate their Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). The study will further Tl'azt'en's goals in developing curriculum material to enhance educational objectives. In addition, it will provide input into Tl'azt'en resource management.

Specific goals of the TEK stream are to gather information on medicinal uses of plants, traditional Tl'azt'en place names, and aboriginal perspectives on forest health. This information will enhance the knowledge of UNBC researchers, and provide valuable resources for Tl'azt'en Nation.

Under the TEK stream, graduate students and Tl'azt'en research assistants will be trained in plant identification and ecosystem classification. They will also learn interview methods, and develop and practice interview protocols with TEK experts.


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The Ecology of Food and Medicine Plant Gathering Sites as Defined by Tl'azt'en Nation, April 2009

The Ecology of Food and Medicine Plant Gathering Sites as Defined by Tl'azt'en Nation, May 2008

The Ecology of Plant Gathering and Tl'azt'en Nation, May 2007





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